I wanted to formally apologise to everyone -


I know I haven’t been posting any art. I work two minimum wage jobs at the moment, and if I’m not at work, I’m sleeping or trying to see as much of my friends as possible. Any work that I’ve been doing has been commission work, which I don’t really like to post because that’s personal for the customer. Thank you to everyone for sticking around for the future, you have no idea how much I appreciate it and what it means to me. I promise when I go back to college, I’ll be doing so much more painting and you’ll all have to beg me to stop posting progress pictures! x Thank you again lovelies. 

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Anonymous: Could you post some paintings you did in high school?


sure thing cutie x 

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thatbooksmell: Hi! I think your art is really beautiful and I was just looking at your blog when I realized that the flip side of your title is true too! Art should definitely comfort the disturbed, but I also think that it should disturb the comfortable, like make them actually think. Anyway, just thought I would share that with you, and also thank you for posting your art because I love experiencing it!

You are absolutely wonderful! Actually my blog title is from a quote: “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” (attributed most often to Cesar A. Cruz but also sometimes Banksy), so you are more than right :-) Thank you lovely lady for your message x 

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Anonymous: Do you have any favorite artists or inspirations?


Yes!! Sorry this is going to be a long answer but ~* 

  • Alice X. Zhang - her fanart is beyond, I love how her style is so immediately identifiable, how there’s so much brilliant colour but it’s never overwhelming. It’s just gorgeous. 
  • Kel - HER PRETTY BOYS WITH FLOWERS. Enough said.  
  • Silvia Pelissero - Another artist I love for her recognisable style. Elegant, simple, beautiful. 
  • Alexander McQueen - I nearly fainted when I got to touch an Alexander McQueen dress last year. He was a genius. His clothes, his runway shows, everything. 

I also love high fashion makeup ads - advertisements for Sephora or MAC, or spreads in magazines like Vogue. I adore the makeup they used at John Galliano’s fall 2009 show. I like pretty boys that look a bit like heroin addicts. My friend Joseph is also a massive inspiration because he’s so unbelievably dedicated and hardworking. 

I know I’m definitely forgetting a few but I have an art inspiration board at Pinterest and there is no rhyme or reason and tbh I don’t organise it whatsoever but I just dump everything there that may be even vaguely inspirational :-) 

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taking-breaths-away: Your such an amazing artist! I wish I could draw and paint like you. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much angel! I really appreciate messages like these. I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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d-isconnection: I follow your other account and your art is amazing! I agree that it is haunting, but very lovely. One day I hope to be an artist as amazing as you. Keep painting, you've got an incredible gift!!

Thank you, you’re incredibly sweet! Maybe there’s a little bit of talent, but mostly lots of hard work :-) I believe in you! 

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I sold a painting for $1000 today!

I never could’ve imagined it. I’m still on cloud nine. 

Anyone who has ever bought my artwork, from when I first sold drawings for a quarter, to $25 sketches, to $200 portraits - I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say and I’ll never be able to able to express how grateful I am. I love you, I really do. 

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ficklenotions: Your drawings and paintings are haunting and lovely. I think your style would lend itself wonderfully to tattooing, and I hope to see your work in that media in the future! :)

That’s such a gorgeous way to describe my artwork, I can’t thank you enough! Thank you so much, I hope you have a beautiful day :-) 

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